Maluma Girlfriend. Well, Barulich and Maluma met each other on the set of Felices Los 4 music video. !function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s){if(f.fbq)return;n=f.fbq=function(){n.callMethod?n.callMethod.apply(n,arguments):n.queue.push(arguments)};if(!f._fbq)f._fbq=n;n.push=n;n.loaded=!0;n.version='2.0';n.queue=[];t=b.createElement(e);t.async=!0;t.src=v;s=b.getElementsByTagName(e)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window,document,'script','');fbq('init','1772404919747314');fbq('track','PageView'); Raju has an exquisite taste. Similarly, in 2016 he was in a relationship with Anitta in 2016 but the pair broke up. The two singers were performing their hit song "Sim Ou Não" and ended their performance with a kiss, which got the mill turning about how they may be an item. While some stars and public figures are all for broadcasting every single one of their relationships for the world to see (thanks for that, guys), Maluma seems to be the exact opposite. If you haven't heard of Larissa de Macedo Machado yet — or, as she is known professionally, Anitta — then it's only a matter of time before … Maluma (singer) has had encounters with Yeinly Castro (2016) and Anitta (2016). According to a very telling YouTube video [below], it looks like Anitta and … More about the Anitta and Gabriel Medina dating / relationship. He admitted being in a relationship with Natalia, in an interview with Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo. Usually, gamers spend long hours in front of the pc to play games. The 50 years old, Maluma is currently in a relationship with Natalia Barulich. @belindapop," he wrote in Spanish. Then in 2016, he was linked with Yeinly Catro and Anitta. Maluma onstage with his partner Anitta . The two were allegedly seen together several times that year, but neither confirmed the relationship. and Telemundo's Al Rojo Vivo. Earlier this month, the 24-year-old - whose real name is Larissa de Macedo Machado - got up close and personal with Colombian hitmaker Maluma. Maluma and Natalia Barulích have broken up after two years together, Page Six can confirm. Anitta Sets the Record Straight on Her Relationship Status (Exclusive) By Liz Calvario‍ 3:54 PM PST, November 14, 2019 This video is unavailable because we … Anitta was also supposedly dating Tyga at the time she and Maluma locked lips. Anitta confirms that yes she had an affair with Maluma with a... Hailey Baldwin breaks out against the haters that tease of his fingers crooked, Coronavirus USA | Cardi B you try to epilate at home and ends up screaming in Instagram VIDEO | Instagram | united States | the USA | COVID-19 | NNDC-NNES Famous, Jennifer Lopez to reconsider the issue of marriage, TV programme on Christmas day 2020: TV-tips, Kaitlyn Carter fell in love in Miley Cyrus, What Is the Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys. “I love Juan Luis (Maluma) very much but right now … More about the Anitta and Diego Raphael Villanueva dating / relationship. In May 2017, Maluma and Anitta were rumored to be dating, Hollywood Life reported. The two singers were performing their hit song "Sim Ou Não" and … Maluma began his interest in music at the age of 16 and released his first debut album, Magia, one year later at 17 in 2012. But now it was Anitta who declared that the colombian is very good in bed”, something that has impacted the fans, because they have begun to make speculations and theories about if you currently both have a secret relationship, or if you only tried an adventure passing a few yesterdays. [ad_2] More details on the statements of Anitta, in the video above. Though some still continue to “shippeando” to the singers, Anitta already has a boyfriend, the surfer Pedro Scooby, while Maluma supposedly still single after ending his engagement with the model Natalia Barulich. Previously, he was in a relationship with Spanish singer and actress Belinda but the couple broke up. Maluma and Barulich may have begun dating shortly after filming, but they kept their relationship pretty private until late 2017. Maluma (singer) has been in relationships with Belinda (2014 – 2015) and Camila Fernández. The couple met on the set of Maluma's music video for his hit song "Felices los 4," which was released in 2017. Surely the millions of fans of Maluma will have been “chopped” by knowing the gossip of this meeting of love and sex that was between the reggaetón, but among them there was already a strong chemistry since they were presented together in scenarios. Neither Maluma nor Anitta spoke about the kiss or any relationship, so it's possible the kiss was a one-time, in-the-heat-of-the-moment thing. SOURCE: Daily Mail . And is that from the end of his relationship of two years with Natalia Barulich has been linked to Winnie Harlow, as well as to the Russian model Vivien Rubin. The couple co-parent an adorable Pomeranian named Julieta (who has more Instagram followers than all my friends combined), and they have matching infinity sign tattoos. No matter how many fans ask questions (hi, me), celebs deserve to have their own lives outside of the spotlight. You can learn about their taste in partners, what they're drawn to, and from Maluma's dating history, you can learn he has a pretty definite type: musician and/or model. So, whether or not they actually dated, or if Maluma thought they had a chance had it not been for the media, is a little bit unclear. (And OMG, he said the cutest things!) So, whether they dated or not, it seems like the two ended up on good terms. Their relationship was initially kept under wraps and no one knew about it. Anitta Body Stats and Features. Previously he has been with, Belinda from 2014 to 2015. Anitta confirms that yes she had an affair with Maluma with a SPICY confession/Photo: Minute Neuquen. More about the Anitta and Maluma Singer dating / relationship. However, the two had refused to have anything between them, since they claimed they were only friends. Which brings us to Maluma's current flame, DJ/model Natalia Barulich. For him, video games are more than entertainment and he likes to discuss forms and art. Probably the most-streamed Brazilian artist on Spotify bought found as a Sunday, December 27, 2020 This week in Latin Notas, the weekly news summary compiled by the Billboard Latin editors, Becky G announces her participation in Anitta's album, Reykon and Maluma … The brazilian Anitta he surprised the audience by confirming that at some point had a romance with his great friend, the colombian singer Maluma. More about the Anitta and Niall Horan dating / relationship. However, with the time he was getting more and more interested in music and eventually, it won his heart forever. Maluma and Spanish-Mexican singer Belinda. During a recent interview, Anitta of 27 years spoke of the relationship it had with Maluma for 26 years, and that is from several years ago, both singers have raised suspicion of romance. Born Larissa de Macedo Machado on 30th March, 1993 in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she is famous for Show das Poderosas song. There was controversy about Maluma promoting the song. What Is Dota 2 Boosting And How It Works? Anitta e Maluma cantam "Sim ou Não" - Vivo Rio (2017) - Duration: 3:29. Anitta e os outros coachs dançando Havana no La Voz - Duration: 1:17. Anitta and Maluma collaborated for the song “Sim Ou Não” and even ended a live performance of the song with a steamy kiss.