Amy, the milk shouldn’t make much of a difference, but perhaps they weren’t cooked long enough? I have since made it over 10 times at least. I am from Brazil and have lived in many south/central american countries. I can't wait to make them for him! Toni, no worries- it’s actually completely normal for them to sink down in the centers- mine were just photographed seconds after coming out of the oven. Small bite-size balls of bread made in a mini muffin pan with a slightly crispy outside and chewy inside. I swear he ate about 20 of them during dinner-the rest of the meal was good too but I don’t think he noticed much else other than these rolls. Brazilian cheese bread recipe uses eggs and oil and cheese. My Brazilian friend gave me the best recipe for Pao De Queijo which I have made but it is so hard! Don't know if you have one in Idaho, but they just got one by my house and they have it in the bulk section for cheap! . Guess what hubby is getting with dinner tonight?!! Also, have you ever doubled the recipe? Thank you for sharing such a delicious and simply recipe. Thank you. My coworker brought some in from a local bakery and I never though it would be this easy to make… I featured the recipe on my “guilty pleasures” post and of course gave you full credit Um, not embarrassing at ALL – I can totally eat an entire batch! i'd love to get more Brazilian recipes-like main dishes! , I searched all over my town (it’s a *very* small town) and the one cooking store was out of the mini muffin tins (go figure!) We shall see. Any chance you can grind pearl tapioca and have it work? It’s a really smooth, soft flour that feels much like cornstarch. Line … 1 Egg. Once the weather cools down, I will have to try them with the soup! I also have plant bread recipes or cheese balls with regular wheat flour. I have been searching for a good recipe for these – I loved them at the Brazilian BBQ restaurant my hubby and I went to in Houston. Yum! Bless you!!! Never would have thought to do that- awesome! The oil starts dripping off the pan. It’s almost more like the texture of a cream puff shell or popover, but with more substance on the inside. Now to find time to make them…. It tastes exactly like the one I tried for the first time! THESE ARE SCRUMPTIOUS!! By the way, I use a Japanese squid ball frying tray, with which the bottom of the pão de queijo becomes round like a ball…. Here is a recipe for Brazilian Cheese Bread at Simply Recipes. I know it's not supposed to taste like bread that i'm used to, but these were just plain old yuck and too gooey yet spongey at the same time. I always have a big brazilian feast for my husband (who lived in Brazil for 2 years) in December. This recipe definitely gets more airy the longer they’re cooked, so you might try not cooking them for so long next time. I had to add twice the milk just to be able to scoop it out with a spoon. I picked up my copy of your cookbook at Costco yesterday and once I put the kids to bed, I snuggled on my bed and flipped page by page. Brazilian cheese bread is very easy to make, and features a chewy, cheesy, bready center, encased in a beautiful, thin, pastry crust. Oh good! By we I mean my husband did the cooking and I did the shopping. Oh Thank you again. Anyway, since having children it’s awesome to have them come with us and experience this Brazilian restaurant. I have had these before and they are the most amazing treats ever! This is a great and quick recipe for pao de queijo. I have been getting tapioca flour in the bulk section at winco. Neat, I fell in love with pao de queijo when I served my mission in Brazil too. Then you pop these babies in a hot oven and watch them do their magic. So glad I found your version, and not something else! Place the milk, oil, and salt in a medium saucepan and bring to a gentle boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally. If desired (and I recommend), sprinkle a bit of parmesan cheese on top and/or a tiny sprinkle of kosher salt. He could be talking about coxinhas, or pastel, or something entirely different, but I might have a recipe for ya! 3/4 cup Butter, salted. i think i might just have to surprise him with a batch when he gets home from work! So trust me when I tell you that if you like those (or any of the pre-packaged mixes), you will probably love these homemade ones. If I were somewhere that I couldn’t find tapioca starch I would make them like this again…love all of your recipes! So I just made these, and the flavor is just fantastic!!! My 6th grader did a project on Brazil and I went to go buy some mixes to prepare pao de queijo for her class and they were out, and don’t expect more for 2 weeks. I sure hope you're working on the second edition. Thank you so much for considering us. 200+ Easy Side Dish Recipes Every Mom Needs, Yeast Bread Recipes and Quick Bread Recipes, — Lina – Fancy Frugal Life on September 30, 2011. Wet your hands and roll into 2" balls. Wouldn’t be willing to share your recipe, wouldja? I am looking forward to your comments and pray you will find us acceptable. DELISH. Tapioca flour is pretty easy to find these days, and I get mine from a guy … We’ve bought a couple of mixes from ethnic food companies before but he was never really satisfied with them. If you fall into the “love them” category, then this Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo) will be perfect for you! I made these tonight! Hey People, it is really amazing!!! These sound amazing! I'm excited to try this at home! I usually just use the mix from the Asian store but these look even better. I like to break it up a bit and mix it in, but not pulverize it. This recipe doesn’t taste EXACTLY like that pao, but it’s certainly awesome. I made these for a Brazilian Carnaval celebration. Does anyone have a carb/calorie, etc count on these? You can’t substitute with normal flour, or any other kind of flour for that matter. He also talks about these mini french bread type of rolls that they would hollow out and stuff with meat and eat as they walked. Or too much??? I made them with the quick and easy black beans, cilantro-lime rice and the taco chicken. I just tried to make these after having them at a local brazilian restaurant and they came out oily, flat and extremely gooey. I love these at the Brazilian restaurants, and I cannot wait to try them. Wow! So fun to make new things from around the world. Take the dough out of the food processor and knead a little bit. or freeze for baking later. They said to send in candy wrapped in white tissue paper. CHEESY POOFS! Let me know if you think the temp. Undoubtedly it is our greatest culinary pride. Where did you get your mini muffin pan? These look so easy and yummy–I'm excited to try them.