I’m always looking for ways to combine my love of flowers with other interests. Especially me. So there you have it. ”Shakespeare’s botanical references are not mere literary devices; they take us to the very heart of social life in Elizabethan and Jacobean England” Mary Willes. Absolutely beautiful - pride of place on my dining table. Rosemary to remember the dead, pansies represent thoughts. Flowers and Literature? Or even better, stick them to a card and send it to us in the office! Hackett- Their display this year was following the inspiration of twenty thousand leagues under the sea, with the Hackett window featuring a full giant octopus with large tentacles sprawling through the sea windows inside and outside of the building, featuring a yellow submarine and deep-sea divers. He used to work in our Customer Service team but found out he was rather good at taking pictures of flowers. And be sure to keep them in the shade … The iconic symbol of Midsummer (Midsommar) is is the  Maypole, which is covered in flowers and foliage and placed in a public place. You can use your dried flowers in a variety of ways. He grew up with an ardent love of baseball, and … The flowers are big and pearly white with a large, flat yellow cup. We hope you enjoyed the sweet williams as much as we have and have a think of all the wonderful William’s in your life! They used fishermen’s nets and an exposed floral coral reef vibe. According to Mary Willes (Author of ‘A Shakespearean Botanical’), Shakespeare mentions 49 specific flowers, veg, fruit and herbs in his plays. Deal. Take your next flower and line it up with the last wire loop. A few coloured eggs, a couple of ribbons and hey-presto you have yourself a wonderful mini Easter egg tree. They also do it brilliantly: think bonfires, beer and cheese (what more do you need?). This way they're all cut to order, with no middleman, so you get more flowers … They whip together the most beautiful baskets of flowers all week long, this is usually done with Bruce Springsteen blaring and a lot of laughter. Whenever I am around and about walking Claude I always pick up things along my way. www.freddiesflowers.com. Freddie’s Flowers is a subscription service that sends blooms selected by founder Freddie Garland, above. Fields and fields of beautiful yellow daffodils everywhere. The fresher the flowers the better they will be preserved once pressed. Happy rambling, enjoy the weather and enjoy my Seedball video! Go out and find yourself a hen or if that’s too much faff buy some eggs. Over 90 shops, restaurants, hotels (and even one dental practice) up and down Sloane Street, Duke of York Square, Pavilion road and the Kings Road jazzed up their shop fronts and windows this week to be crowned the winner of the Cadogen Chelsea in Bloom festival. Creating the beautiful displays you see around about London in our bikes or pop-ups. The first thing to point out is that Freddie’s Flowersis a weekly subscription service which is not time limited in length. Well i’ll tell you why. Who would we be if we didn’t mention the most famous sweet William of them all? Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the dogs! Also because it's simple to cancel one week. You’ve made yourself the perfect flower crown. They say you are always within a metre of a rat in London. Verified and Tested. It’s over quickly but it’s a beautiful one. First, select your flowers. If you’re missing some Midsummer madness then be sure to get a delivery of Freddie’s Flowers to brighten the place up! Made from beautifully clear, hand-blown glass, our gorgeous bottle vase is a timeless addition to any home. Just put them in your house and enjoy… and we at Freddie’s Flowers can certainly help with that side of things. We’ve had daffodils in our boxes recently and I can certainly confirm that the sight of these yellow beauties as they “begin to peer” does indeed pep you up! Clusters of freshly cut florals and plants create coral-like arrangements across the seabed rockery. Also like Christmas, it combined with a Christian festival (in this case St. John’s Day on June 24th) to become a kind of bumper party – and who doesn’t love a party? It’s the best inspiration for my boxes! Does that make me a narcissus? Of middle summer, and I think they are given The Battle of Culloden was a battle in Scotland between the Duke, son of George II and Charles Edward Stewart, The Young Pretender. Obviously. Freddie's Flowers. How did the idea for Freddie’s Flowers come about? Fun and actually kind of scary! So, boom! Earthy pinks and browns with a lot of reeds and blooms. Your very own Freddie’s Flower crown. Believe it or not, when you’ve done this you’ve done the hard bit. Simply click through to Freddie's Flowers and shop as normal and ' - . I hope you’ve enjoyed being a fly on the wall in my HQ, there will be lots more behind the scene snippets to come. Gift wrapped in cellophane. There’s always a hustle and bustle in the Freddie’s Flowers office. Given the fact there were limited sets and props back in the 16th and 17th Century, Shakespeare has to paint a picture with words, brilliantly creating the impression of a forest carpeted with fabulous flowers. Like most daffs they make wonderful cut flowers, and most have a light, sweet fragrance that embodies the essence of spring. It really is the show of all shows! Enjoy the daffodil season. And with him rises weeping: these are flowers Sunflower oil was also believed to treat skin ailments, and sunflowers had a variety of medicinal uses in different tribes. Is cousin Bill bringing his latest squeeze? But my gosh, do these guys know their flowers. The rest is up to you! Each season has its particular pleasures, but in A Winter’s Tale the sight of spring is chief among these. Once you’ve chosen your flowers you need to prepare them. However, if you want another way of bringing them into your life, I thoroughly recommend pressing flowers. “I know a bank where the wild thyme blows. His Large Vase of Flowers is an enormous, bright realisation of a 3D bunch that looks somehow real and completely false. Give them a paint and add them in with some of our flowers. Posts IGTV Tagged. Whether it’s the sound of the phones going off or all the office dogs running around in total madness, there’s never a silent moment. Internal Search: Recommend . What is so genius about old Will is that he used his botanical knowledge to perfectly describe his characters. Highlighting the importance of conserving and protecting the fascinating underwater world that is the sea, and all living things that call it home. Freddie's Flowers has a flower arrangement guide for each delivery and a lot of background knowledge about the flowers received by customers. But, this description of Fairy Queen Titania’s sleeping place really does use flowers to create a picture of luscious beauty and serenity. You can use tweezers to pick up the flowers if they’re very small or delicate. If I had to pick a favourite flower, I think it would be the daffodil. We deliver a different selection each week for you to arrange. at Freddie's Flowers with our cashback & discount codes. Now you know how to do it you can show your friends and family how to make a flower hair garland. As well as providing ideas, the show offers practical help. Take an A4 sheet of good quality paper and fold it in half. It might only be March, but with the weather we’ve been having it feels like Spring is in full force, just ask any hayfever sufferer and they’ll confirm it! In fact, if you pick a few wildflowers perhaps you could add them to your weekly arrangement, giving it a seasonal twist! I met the lovely Emily from a great new company called Seedball. The bringer of spring, the start of a new season… the daffodil. SHOW DEAL. Flowers that Pop. Do let me know if I have missed your favourite – I’m always on the lookout for more. Daisies here represent innocence and violets are supposed to represent faithfulness (which is why they have withered away!). We all love combining our passions: cheese and wine; bed and breakfast; Netflix and relaxing. The sunflower, with its tall stem and big, sunny face, is probably one of the most recognised flowers in the world. Take your first flower and place it along the circle. We’re going to be there this year! SHOW DEAL. With the temperature rising and the sun beginning to peep out from the clouds, it is the perfect time to tear yourself away from your flower arranging and to get outside. Well take your panic hat off and throw it away because I am here to hold your hand and guide you through this Easter. As we approach his Birthday (April 23rd), I find myself thumbing over some Shakespeare for my literary floral hit. These letterbox flower delivery pros send out their flower subscriptions in recycled boxes that show you how to arrange the flowers. Once you get past the shoals of people taking selfies in front of the displays then watch out for floral octopus tentacles, allium, sea anemones and sea horses made from hydrangeas. Yup, you’ve guessed it. Accounts. Bringing a little bit of Woodstock 69 to the table. The Victorians with their love of the language of flowers, Sweet Williams signified gallantry. Traditionally, children must collect seven flowers and sleep with them under their pillow – this will help them to dream about the love of their lives. The most extravagant, the most beautiful gardens are on view at Chelsea rather than the Hampton Court or the RHS Cardiff shows. Chelsea Flower Show aka Mecca to all flower lovers. SHOW DEAL. How to make a flower headband… It’s the Kim Kardashian of the flower world. They do always say ‘a picture says a thousand words’ and those words can sometimes be words of joy and sometimes words that shouldn’t be repeated. Customers will soon become flower experts. Nobody does Midsummer like the Scandinavians. There’s a daisy: I would give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died.” – Hamlet. After giving them a drink make sure you dry them off with a paper towel. All the customer service team huddle around the boxes shouting orders ”Maddie, get the scissors. Dan, where’s the flower food! Here is a lovely idea to spice up the table to make it as Eastery as possible. If you, like me, are into flowers in a big way but would rather someone flower-savy put together lush combinations for you & to tell you what to do with them, then give Freddie’s Flowers a wee … “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – Romeo and Juliet. It’s also ridiculously easy. Now if you ask me, I think that they are named after the Duke. It’s the perfect way to make flowers last forever! I recommend giving them a drink for a few hours in some fresh water with flower food (FF customers, you know the drill!). Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows. There is also a tradition of making flower garlands – now you’re talking my language – and floating them in water. Asiatic lilies, gerbera daisies, alstroemeria and waxflower are combined in a clear gathering vase accented by a pretty pink ribbon, Radiant indeed describes how this masterpiece of botanical beauty exudes romantic notions. With a new piece of wire, wrap one end gentle around the stem a few times. We all know that around this time it's all about reading fairytales and warming stories so I think Purple Prince tulips are the flowers of the moment! I’ve given you a bunch of daffs. Reading about the partying makes me wish I’d booked a trip to Scandinavia to take part! Among the more bizarre rituals, participants can carry flowering garlic and hit each other with them… on the head. Our florists are committed to creating beautiful, unique floral gifts for any occasion. As the flower will be pressed to remove moisture you don’t want anything too chunky and flatter flowers work better. Some Native American people also saw sunflowers as a symbol of courage, so that warriors would carry sunflower cakes to battle with them or a hunter would sprinkle sunflower powder on his clothing to keep his spirit up. signing up for a delivery box for just £24 a pop here. So what really goes on behind the scenes here at my Freddie’s Flowers HQ? Stack a few more heavy books or other objects (paperweights, bricks, children, dogs…) on top of the first book and make sure everything is balanced securely. Though native to the Americas, the seeds of the sunflower have spread around the world and planted themselves in the soil and hearts of many countries. In Portugal, they celebrate Midsummer (St. John’s Day) as part of a succession of Saint’s days. Sunflowers were one of the important crops grown in Native American gardens. Flowers arrived today with a lovely glass vase. Free people – Free people’s design by Worm London hit the nail on the head with this beautifully understated yet effective design of a washed up seascape. And they really do mean Spring is upon us, they tend to be around during April and May, leading us wonderfully into the Summer months. 20% OFF. And the teeny tiny flowers are also starting to open which was a lovely little surprise. Probably after the Prince who trounced them in the Battle. but there’s room for one or two more. Midsummer is one of the longest-standing celebrations in human history. I love daffs, they are such a sunny flower and always put a big smile on my face. After a few weeks pressing, the flowers will be fully dried and preserved. Seedball are all about helping the butterflies and bees in our gardens and balconies. The festival is most prevalent in Porto. Stunning roses complemented by resplendent bupleurum form the focal point of this gorgeous arrangement, set in a gold/copper texture vase, Just when you think love cannot be expressed any more beautifully, along comes a celebration of flowers that simply says it all. To men of middle age. Large commissioned paintings sat in each of the windows providing the backdrop; an abstract oceanic landscape of pinkish hues. I can’t help if cousin Bill brings his date or not. In this country the word Midsummer makes people think of a murderous village or Shakespeare’s fairies and Mechanicals. It is the painting that is most often seen on cards, posters, mugs, tea-towels and stationery. Lovely start to the New Year. And if you make your own please send pictures to us. “He wears the rose of youth upon him” is how Shakespeare puts it in Anthony and Cleopatra – our national flower being an emblem of vitality and youthful passion. I’d love to see pictures of any flower pressings that people get up to. Stop that single-use plastic people! Here’s a guide a few of my favourites to look out for when you’re out and about. Order flowers online from your florist in Bellevue, WA. Vase is handmade glass, approx 20cm tall. What really goes on behind the scenes at Freddie’s Flowers….