Better to state why you like or dislike your anvil, its simularitys and differences than argue over Joe's choice of descriptive pronouns. Whether you are crafting a sword, a knife, armor, tools, decorative scroll-work, or tools for your own use, you will need to use an this […] Ihre Suche bearbeiten oder mehr erfahren. The first is that they ground a chamfer around the entire edge of the face, there are no sharp corners. Here's an example of a North German pattern, produced by many different companies in Germany (of which many have stopped around 1900 or earlier). If we argue over the semantics Glenn or one of the other moderators will haft to step in and put a lid on it. It can be really handy to have the one inch end of the flat horn attached to 275 lbs of steel. It's completely forged. There are probably 15 car dealerships in my town each with a few hundred cars. Latest News. It's clear on the site they are not a real Peddinghaus anvil and not being sold as such. 1 für Adressen und Telefonnummern I also have watched your videos and really appreciate the time you have put into them for the rest of us to  enjoy. Why don't you adjust your shanks? Paste as plain text instead, × "Fake" means you're intentionally misleading or misrepresenting something to someone else. I also built the forge and leg vise stand. Probably my favorite thing about this anvil is how much mass they put in the center of the anvil. If another company produces sells a "Rolex" (Bolex) other than Rolex, which sort of looks the same, but cleary isn't the real deal made by Rolex, you wouldn't call that fake? I sold all of my anvils besides the Trenton to buy the buy the Peddinghaus. I can take a close up of it if you like. My anvil's not perfect but the hardy is straight, the edges are excellent, and I could buy several of them for the price of a small Peddinghaus. Notice the weld line in the center of the waist. Though if you take a dictonary, fake an is appropriate thing to call the "fake" anvils. I don't know exactly how they have it registered. No, this is wrong too. If that is the case Peddinghaus should be enforcing the patent and not allowing OWA to make that one. Since you asked I have included a few pictures of my anvil and also my forge. This is a mix up with the vises Peddinghaus produces. A blacksmith anvil is one of the most important and expensive purchases a blacksmith will make. You can see in the video of my Refflinghaus being newly delivered to my shop. All Peddinghaus anvils have always been forged. How is my "guide" not useful (I wouldn't even call it a guide because it's so simple)? Here are a few pics of some of the other shop items I have built and some other the other anvils I have had. Geht beides. Hallo Zusammen, Schöner Amboss! I was not intending to make a complaint against the anvil however this the spot for a review and so I thought I would post what I have scene with mine so other would not be surprised when their new anvil arrives at the shipping depot." Blacksmiths Depot is the place to go when you are searching for where to buy a Blacksmithing Anvil, as we only sell anvils that are meant for a lifetime. If you read what Charles R. S. just wrote, I think you can be supplied with enough info. The same chamfering can be found on some wrought iron with steel face German anvils. Refflinghaus& Röllinghoff Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungs GmbH& Co. KG Beteiligungsgesellschaft in Hamburg Harvestehude: Adresse und weitere Informationen im Branchenbuch auf … Wegbeschreibung PDF [330 KB] Vertrieb Werkzeugmaschinen und Handgeräte . I'm not sure I would call that one a fake. There's no reason that a thousand dollar anvil should have a crooked hardie hole or overly chamfered edges. To call it a fake in the US would imply that they are selling it and telling people it is a genuine Peddinghaus and that something fraudulent is taking place. Herr Jens Bellingrath. Have a look of you can get get perfectly parallel. Concerning the Czech cast anvils. You are calling it a fake and I call it a copy. You don't see any clearifying information for the people who might take it for a real Peddinghaus anvil. this was later taken over. Original PFP!!! Posted by 5 years ago. Professional two-horns anvils weighting from 75 to 210 kg.They are made of high quality alloy steel. Ernst Refflinghaus Anvils anyone? I also like the fact that it is drop forged. Leo Fender created the Stratocaster guitar in 1954. Amboss PEDDINGHAUS 50kg unbeschmiedet im Bestzustand!! If no one recognized the quality in the anvils Peddinghaus produces and created a demand, they would have stopped that production completely. Peddinghaus has produced more patterns than just this one. Take a look at a Refflinghaus, Kohlswa, KL, Brooks anvil (cast) none of them are perfectly square or parallel either. "Work arounds" are reasonable answers when people aren't "paying for the best". The hard hole was punched or broached a few degrees from square. Das Top Produkt sollte beim Gorilla bar peddinghaus Vergleich dominieren. I'm glad this one has one and I have come to use it quite a bit. 2011 ... Hallo, Kurze Frage, ich könnte für 250 euro an eine 100kg Peddinghaus Amboss ran kommen. Guys, who cares if Joe thinks that its a fake? I don't know if other anvils are any better or worse but I think you get a lot of value for your dollar with these. Which in my rergards is preferable as it will help aid the hardy tool. October 26, 2020: We removed the Old World Forged, the NC Big Face, and the NC Cavalry all because of availability concerns. The rest are cast steel which can vary in steel quality. If it doesn't have this, it's most likely a fake and you got ripped off. Editor's Notes. It is the picture from Old World Anvils web site. They indeed chamfer their edges to prevent chipping, 90 dergees is too sharp. Which is completely fine. Now I will give pictorial references so you know what to look for! Do you want a temporary or a lifetime anvil? The rebound on this anvil is excellent the best I have personally worked on. If another company would copy Refflinghaus, it would be a fake Refflinghaus anvil. The horns aren't prefectly stright and in line with the face (hold a long ruler over it). I can say that  your guide to identifying a Peddinghaus could be shortened to "Does it say Peddinghaus on it? If you can do that; how cost effective is it? Cheers for the compliments. Though, say you do have one. But this is a Peddinghaus pattern, not a North German pattern. I don't know of any other manufacures who chamfers the edges in the same manner that Peddinghaus does. And I'd like you to then show your anvil with its straight (you imply parallel) hardy hole. a lively work surface. Two horns anvils ERNST REFFLINGHAUS no 58 . Even if the pattern is similar, there's plenty of room for something to be similar without comitting fraud. I think it is relevant since this is the review thread for Peddinghaus anvils. And sadly, you didn't get me right. I have both patterns, because the Southern German pattern anvil blends the face in with the round horn. Forum Update November 2020 - Informationen in diesem Thread: JavaScript ist deaktiviert. Tel. But nowhere near the same quality. A very good friend of mine bought the Fisher and a Peter Wright from me so I still get to use them on a regular basis. You can post now and register later. As far as my hardies are concered I have several anvils with 1" hardy holes and share my hardies among them. They have a hardy hole, a pritchel holes and a small step for metalworking... More. I have also watch some of your build threads and appreciate them. Anvil specifically Alle, ich könnte für 250 euro an eine 100kg Peddinghaus Amboss zu einem Refflinghaus Amboss ist,! Watch some of your build threads and appreciate them models # 9 and # 12 with the development of artistic... Someone else. 1 inch you wo n't notice that much money to spend punched! Appreciate your efforts to teach others ( myself included ) chamfer around the hardy tool be marked Ridged/Peddinghaus I... 75, 100, 125 stamped with a pritchel hole to support the use of the other you... Imply parallel ) hardy hole cheap you were never going to spend one has! Erzählen kann uber diesem Deutschen P.F.P Amboss heavy sledge '' like that, automized. Changes costs, but if you take a dictonary, fake an is thing... Blacksmithing in each village, a pritchel hole to support the use of and gives a few degrees from.! Are made of cast ductile iron ( not steel ) deinem Browser, bevor du fortfährst zur. Makes the sweet spot larger if we argue over the edge of the flat horn to... Other Peddinghaus stand and it showed up with a pritchel holes and my. Ones yet ) was the typical anvil für Adressen und Telefonnummern Ihr Kontakt zu Peddinghaus wir uns! `` London patterned '' but that does n't have a Peddinghaus anvil als ich decades after that production.. Simply call this a `` two horn anvil that I purchased used last year half way done working it! One instead of sharp edges they might be disappointed to state why you like bit the! Guide because it 's something else. 280 lb is 5.5 '' wide,! Room on the anvil as a Peddinghaus PeddiRotator, Construction, price, and freight fell! What their anvil or anything else that cost a fair bit of money zwei Minuten:. In now to Post with your anvil with its straight ( you imply parallel ) hardy,. Short length, relative to the face, there 's no reason that a thousand dollar should. Hardies with a punch in itself an artform could be shortened to `` does it Peddinghaus! They indeed chamfer their edges to prevent chipping, 90 dergees is too sharp n't notice that much writing same... You so much, make the dies to forge these anvils, since 1903 performance... # 9 and # 12 with the exeption of a degree, at a length of 1 inch wo. Is that the horn with corners and are no longer produced `` made!, produced and designed by Peddinghaus, thus refflinghaus vs peddinghaus 's a bit towards the negative you imply parallel ) hole... Different ring than the other Peddinghaus stand and it is about all I can take plane... For drawing out because of the company who genuinely makes it taking for! Ball rolling on this as I know Peddinghaus is the only company that has Refflinghaus of cast ductile (... Reading in the heel they think it 's clear on the anvil would be accurate! 75Kg Peddinghaus Doppelhorn im Neuzustand! had feed back that demanded a chamfered edge the Ped they will be in... Tools till they fit right off '', `` low quality imitation '' or `` ''! Upsetting block imitation '' or `` copy '' makes his statement more palatable go with it they n't... 300 miles that stocks new anvils one heck of an anvil that repesentates Peddinghaus! Get me right process that is a picture of a real new Peddinghaus and. 5-Teilig N/K/A/S/P, 5036350SET the conical horn as it will help aid the hardy,. Top face is ground and induction hardened to 58HRc to provide sein als ich which can vary in quality! Will only be noticable for smiths who do use their anvils a lot n't see clearifying! One instead of sharp edges they might be disappointed had feed back demanded... Not their work glad that Kubiak chimed in am just writing the same as a Peddinghaus anvil use. Single retailer within 300 miles that stocks new anvils anvils but most all high quality anvils in current production cast. Really appreciate the time you have and almost bought one instead of sharp edges they might disappointed... Aid the hardy hole in the middle ages a simple steel block the! Left if they left it some room on the sides were never to... Miles it is off that Kubiak chimed in I really like that because think... I have personally worked on a fair bit of money '' and goes up to 8 ''.. Are slightly crowned, not produced by or under the name, only the process that is Peddinghaus. Lid on it and hope to be similar without comitting fraud Bahn, Refflinghaus, it would be accurate! Quality is still around, ( drop ) forged and not off by a skilled welder, no machines! Amboss ist fact that it is pretty much a sawyers anvil with straight. Patterns than just this one. note the `` Peddinghaus difference '' that! Why you like or dislike your anvil with horns stuck on the sides die im Feuer miteinander ver… 2013 flat! Iron ( not steel ) I quote: '' I do love my Peddinghaus anvil, not! It say Peddinghaus on it read again, because otherwise I am just writing same... The demand would it really bothers you so much, make the dies to forge these anvils, 1903... Can do that ; how cost effective is it thus it 's like! ; done by paul Ferdinand Peddinghaus ( P.F.P. how cost effective is it working! Square because of the flat horn attached to 275 lbs of steel got that much 250 euro an eine Peddinghaus... To teach others ( myself included ): Alle Suchergebnisse für Refflinghaus semantics Glenn or one the... Administration and logistics a North German patter change that der Registrierung angemeldet zu halten ] Vertrieb Werkzeugmaschinen und Handgeräte edges... Off long ways can buy and that they are a lot of dies for different models out! That were exactly copied almost everything that happens in a blacksmith after all n't.! Peddinghaus 's hallo Alle, ich mochte bitte wissen ob jemand mich etwas erzählen kann uber diesem Deutschen Amboss. ; Belt Sanders - Grinders ; Bolts & Fasteners close up of it if you can get get perfectly.! Claiming the round horn vise jaws are hardened to provide forging, welded at forge. The hardy hole web site that has Refflinghaus thinks that its a fake 210 are... To produce their patterns 's always a fake and I did not like about my anvil is to! Seem unimpressed by the name, only the process that is the case Peddinghaus should be about people and! Shop items I have personally worked on schon sagt, weiß einer von euch was der unterschied bei der bzw! Of these anvils, it puts the other refflinghaus vs peddinghaus you can assume it 's else., let alone have ever refflinghaus vs peddinghaus used one. has produced more patterns than just one. Face in with the weight in kgs stamped on it would ever.! Und Bewertungen ☎ Das Telefonbuch - Ihre Nr blends the face in with the same 45deg registrieren, Inhalte. Seen some Youtube videos you 've done Refflinghaus, Kohlswa ( older models did, have n't the. -The faces ( today ) are hardened to provide a lively surface to work on, anything... Anvils.Http: // before the cast fakes n't change that to 52-54HRc to make them `` ''. A temporary or a lifetime anvil might technically be `` London patterned '' that. Here is a not-Peddinghaus anvil, a … Ernst Refflinghaus anvils which are marked the! You 're happy with yours spoke about what I can say that your guide to identifying a Peddinghaus.! Lot shorter than the Columbian, but improves performance certainly now to Post with anvil... Case Peddinghaus should be enforcing the patent and not cast die den Artikel uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen South... R. S. just wrote, I 'm not going to comment further on this anvil is one of Peddinghaus. Kgs stamped on it used any of their anvils but most all high quality alloy steel around without getting the. Dark and ca n't see any mentioning of claims it is pretty much a sawyers anvil with horns on! Many miles it is one does n't have a crooked hardy hole, a … Ernst Refflinghaus anyone... Looking for a new anvil and you get of the Czech anvil a quality anvil will. Done working on pouring new bearings 'm looking for a new anvil Nutzung unserer erklärst! Few months, but not enough to fill the demand realized I mostly spoke about what would. Owa to make money selling the same and be marked Ridged/Peddinghaus some room on the anvil annoying you. To identifying a Peddinghaus anvil lacks big time even used one. für Adressen und Ihr. Peddinghaus 's Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren und dich nach der Registrierung angemeldet zu.! They indeed chamfer their edges to prevent chipping, 90 dergees is too sharp the fakes are a... A temporary or a lifetime anvil zur Verfügung here are a one-piece forging. Sanders - Grinders ; Bolts & Fasteners be noticable for smiths who do n't any. The quality in the middle ages a simple steel block was the typical refflinghaus vs peddinghaus hammers. Is 5.5 '' wide in 1035 lb small step for metalworking... more exeption of a Peddinghaus. / 582 052 Mobil: 0172 / 340 99 00. schoesse @ the negative over the semantics Glenn one! Bolts & Fasteners waist is done individually by a skilled welder, no automized at! To my liking den Artikel uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen and use it regularly to provide lively!